about us

From PeakFreak's for PeakFreak's - and everyone who wants to become one!

The is founded and managed
Brand Peak Freak by Patrick Ladner and Sandra Grüner from Montafon.

And as the name suggests, we ourselves are real freaks when it comes to the mountains, nature and sport.
Whether hiking, climbing, biking, skiing or ski mountaineering. We always test our products ourselves down to the smallest detail.

We now offer a wide range of products for all PeakFreaks.

From sporty, practical to stylish, everything is included.

We are DOERS ourselves.

The motifs for the shirts and the equipment are designed from our own inspiration. The shirts are then printed at home, fitted with labels and packed by hand. The lunch boxes, drinking bottles, etc. are engraved at home with our own Co2 laser.

Peak Freak is to become a Vorarlberg company that can fully equip mountaineers and Peak Freaks from top to bottom with cool, practical and, above all, high-quality products.

Are you a peak freak?
Would you like to become one? Or do you just like what we do?

Then look in our shop
and help us to reach our goal.



We don't use clothes off
conventional cotton. The t-shirts we source are 100%
made from organic cotton. Organic cotton is a natural fiber, non-GMO and plenty
uses less water than conventional cotton. Also, they own it
OCS100 certification. It makes it possible to record the content and amount of ecological material in a final product and to trace the raw material from the source to the final product.


All of our products are shipped directly from
designed us. Most of the time, they arise from your own experience in the area
mountaineering. We peak freaks know what's on the mountain and in nature
arrives Whether functionality, quality or style. All that and more
When we develop new products, we consider testing them and then looking at them
sell you.