Piz Puin - 3312m


The name of the mountain actually comes from the Rhaeto-Romanic and means
"Oxhead". The Piz Buin - also called Piz Buin Grond, divides it
Ochsental Glacier with its little brother "Piz Buin Pitschen"
(Small Piz Buin)

The first ascent was successful
on July 14, 1865 Josef Anton Specht and Johann Jakob Weilenmann with the guides Jakob
Pfitscher and Franz Pöll.

On September 13, 1936, on the Piz Buin
erected the first summit cross in Vorarlberg.

In the summer of 2012, they flew in on behalf of the ÖAV
new summit cross on the mountain after the previous one has weathered and in

location and surroundings

The Piz Buin is on the border between Austria and Switzerland and is
3312 m the third highest mountain of the Silvretta and the highest in our beautiful
Ländle - Vorarlberg.

As part of the Silvretta main ridge, the mountain marks the border between Vorarlberg
and the Swiss canton of Graubünden, which runs in a west-east direction across the
summit runs. To the west, separated by the Buinlücke transition, is the
Small Piz Buin (3255 m). Extends to the north and west of the Great Piz Buin
itself the Ochsentaler Gletscher, located to the northeast, from the Ochsentaler Gletscher
separated by the Wiesbadner Grätle, the Vermunt Glacier. These two glaciers, located on Austrian territory, form the source of the Ill, the
north through the Ochsental to the Silvretta reservoir in Vermunt an der
Bielerhöhe flows. In the south of the Vermunt Glacier, the 2797 m high Vermunt Pass forms the transition to the Swiss Val Tuoi, a side valley of the Lower Engadine.

In the Silvretta, the height of the Piz Buin is only surpassed by the huge pyramid of the Piz Linard (3410 m) and the Flughorn (3399 m).

Tour description

From the Silvretta-Bielerhöhe you walk left along the lake. After the bridge
you turn left into the Sommerweg and follow it on a well-marked path
to the Wiesbaden hut. We recommend an overnight stay to shorten the tour. From the Wiesbadener Hütte you follow the path (partly with
cairns and wooden posts marked) down towards the valley/river. After crossing the river, continue on the other side below the green knoll in the direction of the glacier. After crossing the Illsprung, continue right up to the start of the Ochsental Glacier. There the crampons and the rope are put on. The ascent of the glacier begins.
Vertically it goes up the glacier. Once at the top, the large and small Piz Buin are clearly visible. You continue to climb over the glacier until you reach the Buinlücke. There you can deposit the crampons. about one
The clearly visible trail continues to the summit. In the middle part of the ascent there are short rocky sections to overcome. Arriving at the top of the summit, a fantastic panorama compensates for the long ascent and the effort.
You can return to the Wiesbadener Hütte via the same route. For the descent
the trail back to the Silvrettasee is suitable.