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three towers

Sandra Grüner |


Name: Three Towers - Dri Tower - Three Druze Towers
Altitude: 2830 m
Mountain group: Rätikon, west of the Central Alps
First ascent: 19th century (no reliable information in the literature)

The Three Towers, also called «Dri Türm» and Drei Drusen Towers, are three peaks in the Drusenfluh group. They are located in the Rätikon, a mountain range in the western central Alps, and form a mountain range running from north-west to south-east. The Three Towers play the main role in the Montafon and are also often referred to as landmarks. They stretch elegantly like the Dolomites into the sky. There is no reliable information in the literature about a first ascent in the 19th century.

location and surroundings

The mighty limestone giants separate the Austrian state of Vorarlberg from the Swiss canton of Graubünden. This region got its name from people, Rätikon, from nature the wild beauty. A landscape for hiking, mountaineering, climbing, touring, a landscape for dreaming.

The main peak of the "Three Towers" lies
to the north-west, 200 meters to the south-east follows the middle tower and more of it
300 meters away, separated by a narrow firn field, the small tower. the
The main summit of the towers is the fifth largest elevation in the Rätikon.

The middle and the big tower belong to the Vorarlberg area.
They reach their highest point with the 2,830 meter high Great Tower. To the south, the "Three Towers" form vertical towers up to 600 meters high
Walls. In the northwest, the Eistobel glacier extends to a height of 2,637 meters, just below the main ridge of the Drusenfluh group. In the southeast lies the Sporentobel, which is often snow-free in summer.

Tour description

The tour starts as a hike at the Golmerbahn in
Latschau and leads over the Gauertal to the Lindauer Hütte (ascent approx. 2-2.5
Hours.). At the Lindauer Hütte there is the possibility to quench your hunger and thirst before continuing on to the mountain tour. From the Lindauer Hütte, follow the signs towards Drusentor / Drei Türme. You are on a path that leads between Sulzfluh and Drusenfluh through the so-called Drusentor into Switzerland. However, you do not hike to the Drusentor. At the junction, turn right. Note: The junction is signposted. You orientate yourself at the Spora Tower, this is a small rock tower, which is in front of the Three Towers. First you walk towards this tower and then you climb past it on its left side. At this point you have to cope with a somewhat steep scree slope (loose rock, caution: danger of falling rocks!). In addition, some markings can be seen. Then you reach a cirque, which leads steeply upwards on the left side of the middle tower. There is a wire rope on the right side of the Kar. After about 20 minutes you will reach the saddle between the large and the middle Drusenturm. On the middle tower there is a summit cross, which can be reached from the saddle in a short time. Continue to the big tower and turn left and reach the highest point in about 10 minutes. There is a summit book, but no summit cross. The way back is the same.